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From a Carriage Window

Inspired by the R.L.Stephenson poem 'From a Railway Carriage', this diorama was an experiment in forced perspective.
It it built to a scale of 4mm/1ft at the rear changing to 8mm/1ft at the front, although the carriage window cut out is to a much larger scale again.

Built to fit within the allowed footprint area of 20" x 11" (as defined in the RMweb 2011 Challenge rules), I chose to orient the view using the longer length from front to back. Early design thoughts wavered between a level crossing at the front or an overbridge - I ended up doing a lot of work in Sketchup to try various ideas and views. Eventually, the overbridge idea seemed achievable. So as to not hide too much of the scene behind, I kept the bridge girder to quite low dimensions - probably too low without a handrail.

For the street itself, I wanted a terrace of houses on the right hand side, tapering down in actual size and using a vanishing point for the 'horizontal' lines.
The left side is a mixture of building styles. Being unable to satisfactorily produce printed brickwork with the right skewed effect, I resorted to a Tudor-style pub - this was much easier ! However, the dormer window went through three different versions until it was deemed acceptable, and the open window caused no end of problems.
The far end is also an overbridge, which allows a train of suitable 4mm scale rolling stock top be posed for photographs.