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Static caravans

Diesels in the Duchy is Damian Ross's tribute to St Blazey Shed, near Par, Cornwall. The vans were built to fill a small corner of the layout, to represent some of the large quantity of static caravans in the St Blazey area.

The first van represents a modern, spacious mobile home, complete with all mod-cons.

The second van is the opposite; an old, smaller model with no internal toilet, so there is a outhouse sited just behind the van. The outhouse is in the style of Lionel Jefferies' 'Laboratory' from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

For the third van I wanted to do something a bit different, something I'd not seen modelled anywhere else - a burnt out caravan. The van is of a modern design, the destruction shows the front wall and part of the roof having been burnt away, all the glass destroyed and smoke damage around every door and window.