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My first memory of model railways was seeing my father's layout in the garage. From there it moved into my bedroom, then it was all boxed up. On sunny summer days I'd set out a large carpet in the back garden, then create a layout with stations and sidings, then at the end of the day put it all away again.

Eventually we moved the layout into the loft, a 30ft long twin main line with single line branch, but it never really got finished.

Many years later, following marriage and children, my interest was re-kindled following a winter-time day trip to Mevagissy. I could imagine how a single line would have squeezed along the narrow streets and emerged onto the stone quayside.

Not having anywhere to build a full sized layout, I experimented with using a boxfile, and thus Porth Byhan was created.

Porth Byhan
Porth Byhan - The Harbour in a Boxfile
Ferrero Competition Entry
Ferrero Roche Competition entry
A joint 2nd place in a modelling in a small box competition, and some success in a diorama competition on an online model railway forum spurred me on. Research on the local Chacewater to Newquay line, a victim of the Beeching Report, enthused me to not only plan to re-create Shepherds station, but also to invent an alternative 'history' and track layout. These two projects are curently underway.

An invite to make a couple of buildings for a new EM gauge layout eventually made me realise that making buildings was my favourite part of model railways - hence my branching out into this venture.